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Service Learning

Service learning is a deeply held component of the program at MST. It involves our community at all age levels from 2 year olds through to 15.

Through service we develop empathy, gain an understanding of needs, and enter into mutually beneficial relationships. We learn that our actions matter.

MST presents students with chances to engage in service activities suitable for their age groups. The younger students participate in tasks such as street cleaning in the vicinity of our school, while the older students take on responsibilities like maintaining the cleanliness of Aoyama cemetery. These are just a few examples of the various service opportunities available.

Our service work is compassion made visible. Service allows our students to contribute to and make a positive impact where they are able.  

It provides hands-on, real-world learning that fosters caring members of society while addressing the needs of others. MST is committed to developing compassionate, caring young people.

- Maria Montessori

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