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Enrichment & Extracurricular Activities

At MST, the student experience is not confined to the classroom. Enrichment activities allow our students to explore the wider curriculum, refine skills and make new discoveries when visiting other areas of our bespoke and beautiful facilities.

Our warm and inviting library is open daily and is staffed full-time, with the goal of helping students find the resources they need for deepening their understanding of the world around them and developing a love of quality literature.

The MST Music Studios are home to pianos, guitars, flutes, an electronic drum kit and many more instruments for students to explore and enjoy.

Our Art Studio is a creative and bustling space, filled with all the resources students could wish for to explore their artistic expressions.

The MST Multipurpose Room is where many of our After-School Programmes take place, from aikido to table tennis and gymnastics to dance.  Other activities take place off-campus, including weekly Physical Education classes, soccer and basketball clubs, swimming lessons and more.

The MST Garden is integral to learning at MST.  A beautiful and natural space, where students learn about and appreciate the natural world. 

- Maria Montessori

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