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Little People (age 18 mo. - 3 y.o.)

For many children, this is their first step into society outside the home. Feeling safe and secure in our carefully designed classroom and garden, children can explore themselves, the people around them, and their growing world.

During this early stage, young children are absorbing life around them, so at MST, we pay particular attention to every detail in the classroom environment: sounds they will hear, objects they will see and touch. Every experience shapes the children, as their inner development continues.

The Little People curriculum is focused on the following areas:

  • Practical life: Caring for the environment and food preparation

  • Functional independence: Care of self and bathroom independence

  • Movement: Developing and refining gross and fine motor skills

  • Language Development: Communicating with others and building vocabulary

  • Socialization: Grace and Courtesy

On any typical day in the Little People classroom you may find children watering plants, mopping the floor, slicing bananas for a communal snack, playing musical instruments or learning to cut with a pair of scissors. All activities involve movement, concentration and help to develop self-confidence. They offer order and routine and help the children to feel like a contributing member of the group.

- Maria Montessori

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