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Where Next?

Where Next? Life after MST
The Montessori School of Tokyo is very proud of our alumni body, made up of many hundreds of former students, living in countries all over the earth.  Many are still on their educational journey, and could be attending any kind of school, offering any kind of curriculums. Many of our alumni currently find themselves at the University stage, furthering their knowledge of the subjects they are most passionate about.  Many more are now young adults, finding their way place in the work force of the 21st century.

So, what is typical immediately after leaving MST?
Montessori Education is one of the world’s most widely followed and highly respected Educational pedagogies.  As a school with a highly diverse, international community, most students leaving MST do so to head overseas, often returning to their ‘home’ country or moving on to exciting new adventures elsewhere.  

With many thousands of Montessori schools to be found worldwide, it’s usually possible to find Montessori schooling options in most major cities worldwide alongside many other local private, international and public schooling options.

For those students that remain in Tokyo after completing their time at MST, most move on to other international schools in the local area.  As the only school offering Montessori Elementary and Middle School programmes in Tokyo, this inevitable means moving to a non-Montessori curriculum for the High School years.  Most MST alumni who remain in Tokyo find themselves studying within the US, British or IB curriculums after joining their new school. 

Are you an MST Alumni?

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- Maria Montessori

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