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Our Community

The faculty of MST is drawn from an international mix of talented people from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. The diversity of our teaching faculty mirrors the diversity of our international community of families. One thing we all have in common is our love of teaching and our commitment to nurturing the best in children through the Montessori method.

James Moore

Head of School

James joined MST’s faculty as a classroom assistant and PE & Music specialist in 2004. He quickly got involved in coordinating our enrichment and extra-curricular programmes, which became his main role for 3 years. He then became MST's Director of Operations, overseeing the general day-to-day operational running of the school for a further 7 years while maintaining regular contact with students through various enrichment programmes.
After a decade at the school, James became MST's Assistant Head of School in 2014: a role he held for 6 years before moving into his current position as Head of School in the summer of 2020.

In his current role, James oversees the growth and development of an expanding MST, while providing stability for both parents and staff. He remains accessible to parents and is a familiar face around the school for the entire community. James plays the piano and guitar and is an active vocalist who enjoys performing in the Tokyo area.

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), Administrators Certificate, 2021, Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies, Arizona, USA

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), Elementary Diploma (6-12), 2020, Montessori Institute of San Diego, USA.

American Montessori Society (AMS), Montessori School Management, 2011, Center for Montessori Teacher Education, New York, USA.
Mathematics and Computer Science, B.Sc. 2001, University of Leeds, UK.

Gel Vicencio

Assistant Head of School

Gel grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she worked at various independent schools teaching English Literature and subjects from the IB curriculum, before joining MST in 2019. She has specialised qualifications in gifted education and experience working with students who have diverse learning needs. A long-time believer in the importance of progressive education, Gel loves helping students ignite their spark and discover the valuable contribution they have to make to the world. Her special interests - which she loves sharing with students - include social justice and human rights, environmentalism, and the power of the written word as a force for positive change.

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), Introduction to Adolescence Certificate, 2020, International Montessori Training Institute

Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), Administrators Certificate, 2019, Whole School Leadership Institute, Houston, USA
Graduate Certificate of Gifted Education, 2017, University of NSW, Australia

Master of International Education, 2012, University of Sydney, Australia
Graduate Diploma of Education, 2005, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

BA(Hons) in Government & International Relations, English Literature, and French Literature, 2004, University of Sydney, Australia

Liz Masuzoe

Front Office Coordinator

Liz graduated from an international school in Okinawa and worked in a US financial firm in Tokyo for 7 years after completing a degree in Social Science with an economics major. As she spent some precious time at home bringing up her sons, she attended interpreting school and then worked as an interpreter/translator mainly for Japanese media companies for 5 years. Prior to joining MST in May 2019, she worked as an assistant manager in a pearl and jewelry retail company.

Social Science, B.A. 1986, International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

Shiho Uemura

Back Office Coordinator

Chisa Honda

Educational Affairs

Chisa attended an international school in Tokyo and finished her middle, high school and university in the UK. After completing a degree in Teaching and obtaining her Montessori qualifications, she returned to Tokyo where she worked at an international school.

She joined MST in 2013 and worked in supporting the Early Childhood, before moving into the Administration in early 2015. Amongst other interests, Chisa has volunteered at orphanages and senior caring homes in Tokyo obtained a purple belt in Aikido and plays a decent round of golf.

North American Montessori Center, Infant and Toddler (0-3), 2014, Surrey, B.C. Canada

North American Montessori Center, Early Childhood Diploma (3-6), 2013, Surrey, B.C. Canada

English Studies for Teaching B.A. 2012, University of Buckingham, UK

Jake Redden

IT & Multimedia

Jake brings a wealth of experience as a former manager of a dedicated IT support and repair team in Scotland. Driven by his passion for education and creativity, he obtained his teaching certificate and embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between IT, creativity, and education. Always seeking out new opportunities, programs, and techniques, Jake strives to keep our school at the cutting edge of technology.

With a focus on supporting and training faculty members, Jake aims to provide continuous assistance in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of IT. Moreover, he aspires to develop an engaging curriculum that not only nurtures students' computing skills but also instills in them an appreciation for the safe and ethical use of technology.

By integrating his expertise in IT, creativity, and education, Jake endeavors to create an environment where innovation thrives and students are equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in the digital age.

Shoko Lowe


Aika Sakanouchi


Tomofumi Ito


Maria Hovi

Administrative Officer
Communications & Marketing Assistant

Maria grew up in Finland and Belgium and moved to the UK to go to university. After her studies, she moved to Japan and taught children and adults at various schools in Tokyo and Sapporo before becoming an Admissions Officer at an international school. After that, she worked for a university in Austria managing the university's internship program, lecturing and supporting students in finding internships, until returning to Japan and starting work at MST in 2022.

AMI Montessori, 3-6 Orientation, 2022

Maya Sameshima

Administrative Officer

Harumi Ono


Joji Kishigami

HR & General Affairs

Wind Edward Kim

Communications & Marketing
EAL & Literacy

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