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Education Re-Imagined

Maria Montessori was born in Ancova, Italy in 1870.  Upon graduating from medical school in 1896, she became one of the first women to ever qualify as a physician in her native country

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Her medical and clinical observations of children went on to become her life’s work. Her early analysis led her to conclude that children absorb from their environment - the first seeds of what is now known as the “Montessori method of education” were sewn.  Education was to be re-imagine

Montessori’s studies in psychology and further work with young children led to her realisation that education systems should be based on the fundamental and natural needs and tendencies of

children, which are timeless and universal, rather than the changeable needs of the society of the time. Montessori’s re-imagining of education spread around the world, and the results were soon there for all to see. 

Children in Montessori schools embarked on meaningful and purposeful journeys of self-construction and developed a true love of learning.

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Today there are estimated to be approximately 20,000 Montessori Schools worldwide.  We welcome you to visit us at The Montessori School of Tokyo to experience first hand what education can be.  A home to a community of learners. A place where students embark on an enjoyable adventure, learning all about themselves, about others, and the world we share.

A place where learning is an amazing journey, not a race. The Montessori School of Tokyo. Education Re-imagined.

- Maria Montessori

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