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Why MST?

Situated in the heart of Tokyo, The Montessori School of Tokyo (MST) is a well-established and internationally-minded Montessori school offering a vibrant vision of education for your child. MST was the first accredited Montessori school in Asia and is home to a diverse and highly qualified faculty and staff, drawn from all around the globe.

Our facilities comprise spacious classrooms, a beautiful garden and various other modern facilities that our community of learners call home.

At MST, learning is recognised as a natural ongoing process, unique to each person. Learning occurs in different ways and at a different pace for each individual and doesn’t fit anyone else’s pre­determined schedule or timeline.  

At MST, learning is seen as a process of individual development and self-­construction that leads to the fullest development of human potential.

A successful MST student will discover their passions and their place in the world, while developing a love of peace and a deep respect for mankind and our planet.  As Maria Montessori herself said “It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was”.

Our Core Values

At MST, we believe that a true education should be "Preparation for Life".

For MST to help develop confident, compassionate and respectful citizens of the world, we need to ensure that we are "walking the walk" (and not just "talking the talk") when it comes to our Core Values of ConfidenceRespect and Compassion. Please enjoy our values-inspired stories below for insights into exactly what these values look like and manifest as at The Montessori School of Tokyo!

- Maria Montessori

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