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Admissions Process

To make an inquiry, sign-up for a school tour and/or to request an application, please complete the Enquiry Form (Registration of Interest Form). Access to our online Application Form will be provided once we receive your Enquiry Form. 



Our Lower and Upper Elementary Programmes have reached full capacity for the Academic Year 2024-25. Please inquire prior to starting an application. 

Please be aware that even families that pass the documentation screening stage may not be invited to attend a Student Visit or to attend a Parent Interview in the short term. Rather, your information would be held in our database and you would be invited to visit the school at a later time only if the likelihood of enrolment were to increase based on demographic shifts or expanded capacity.

Step-by-step process:

Tokyo Residents

Step 1:
Submit Applications, Progress Reports, and Recommendations

Your application process starts when you submit the Application Form and Application fee of 25,000 yen. Progress Reports and Recommendation Letters are required for all applicants who are currently attending (or have previously attended) other schools. If reports are not in English, originals and translations must be provided.

Non-Tokyo Residents

For those not able to visit Tokyo to complete the full process, Steps 1 to 4 should be carried out as above. Please note the Parent Interview is held by video conference. 

Non-Tokyo residents must also carry out the following subsequent steps. 

Step 5:
Notification of Provisional Admissions Status


Families will be notified of their Provisional Admissions Status.

Provisional Acceptance Guidelines

MST understands that when dealing with an international community, there can be occasions when a family is unable to physically be in Tokyo to attend a school tour, complete the Parent Interview and Student Visit. In certain cases, usually when the student is transferring from another Montessori school, a provisional acceptance can be granted after the following steps:


  • Submit Applications, Progress Reports and Recommendations

  • Documentation Screening

  • Notification of Documentation Screening Status

  • Parent Video Interview

  • Notification of Provisional Admissions Status

  • Student Visit after your relocation to Tokyo

  • Notification of Final Admissions Status

As soon as the family’s arrival dates in Tokyo are known, the Student Visit date should be scheduled.

Children will be eligible to start school two days after the Student Visit has been completed if enrollment is for the current academic year.

To qualify for provisional acceptance for the current academic year, the Skype Interview needs to be completed before the Application Process Deadlines described on the Application Deadlines page.

If provisional acceptance is granted, all fees are due by the regular dates and times. In the case of information obtained from the Student Visit leading to the student not being granted full acceptance, the Tuition and Building Development Fees will be refunded.

- Maria Montessori

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