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MST Scholarship

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MST Scholarship Background

Guided by our core values of confidence, respect and compassion, The Montessori School of Tokyo has helped shape young minds, allowing them to find their strengths and passions, face up to their challenges and be partners in their own education.


We believe that an MST education uniquely prepares students to be proactive, compassionate and thoughtful. In order to provide opportunities for more students to benefit from an authentic Montessori education, we hope that The MST Scholarship programme will attract a wider range of students, allowing them to start on the path to become self-actualised individuals.


The MST Scholarship is aimed at removing some of the financial barriers which may prevent families from choosing a Montessori education. Any student meeting the admissions criteria for admission to MST may apply for the need-based scholarship.

Scholarships will be awarded for a period of up to three years from the initial admissions date, subject to annual reviews of the family's financial circumstances, as well as their conduct and contribution to the MST community and culture, including academic and non-academic performance. At the end of three years, the family would be eligible to re-apply for an additional scholarship of up to a further three years.

The MST scholarship is currently funded for an initial three year period (academic years 2024-25 up to and including 2027-28). In its initial phase, priority will be given to students entering MST's growing Middle School programme (12-15 years old). However, students of any age may apply and we aim to continue with the programme indefinitely, through ongoing fund-raising efforts.

- Maria Montessori

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